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Shona Taggart

Any insights on your meditation of Gen 32:22-32 would be greatly appreciated.

Harry Swayne

of Gen 32:22-32, It's incredible to me to know that when a man shows up to fight with God it begins over His word. Why? Because his word is often contrary to what we naturally do. So it's as if we are back in our fathers house, as an adolesent, being told what to do again when we thought we got it right the first time. So we put up a fight, we "wrestle", with God's word when we allow it into our lives. When we stay long enough (till daybreak) a change must take place. Jacobs change occured when he refused to let go until he was blessed by God. His evidence was the "limp". When we "wrestle" with God we don't walk the same anymore. Jacob limped over to greet his brother, Esau ran. We may look like we've been through a trial but from the inside we've been transformed because we chose to go wrestling with God Almighty! We could all use a good stroll through the word of God to change our walk!

Shona Taggart


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