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Greg Buchner

Four passages stuck out for me in this set...(I'm including the rest of Job here.)

1. Job 23:8-12 - "Even though I cannot (perceive, behold, see) Him, I have treasured His words."

On a mission trip to St. Petersburg, I found enourmous comfort from homesickness by just reading the Psalms. God's words are His presence with us.

2. Job 28:23 - "God understands wisdom's way and He knows wisdom's place."

The idea that God "understands" wisdom and knows its "place" is comforting. Wisdom is something I strive for, but it's good to know that God already has His finger on it.

3. Job 32:9 - "Great men are not always wise nor do the aged always understand justice."

This one is self-explanatory! :-)

4. John 42 - Job had it right. His friends not so right.

After reading God's rebuke (38-40) I felt that Job had indeed blown it, until his moment of repentence. Because Job was willing to repent and give God the glory deserved, God restored and blessed.

How often I need to learn this lesson!!! :)

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